Reine rorbuer are traditional fisherman´s cabins situated in the heart of Reine, the largest village in the Reinefjorden area. Reine has a great location facing the Arctic Ocean, and its good harbor has been a natural haunt for fish trading for hundreds of years. 

The fishermen’s cabins, clustered around the harbor, were painted red because red paint was the cheapest. While the cabins have been renovated to a standard the fishermen could never have dreamt of, the tactfully preserved exterior is an idyllic reminder of the past.

Reine rorbuer offers accommodation in 40 traditional fisherman’s cabins with a lovely view over the Reinefjorden and its impressive granite peaks.

  • Reine rorbuer are open from the beginning of February until the end of October. 
Reine rorbuer traditional accommodation in fishermens cabins in Lofoten
Reine rorbuer in Reine
The interior of Reine Rorbuer in Lofoten Norway
Reine rorbuer in Reine
Reine rorbuer traditional accommodation in fishermens cabins in Lofoten
Reine rorbuer in Reine


What can you expect from Staying in Reine Rorbuer

Reine rorbuer offers accommodation in 40 traditional fisherman’s cabins in different sizes and categories, from 1-bedroom comfort to 3-bedroom deluxe. Almost all cottages have a kitchen and a lovely view of the stunning mountains surrounding the Reinefjorden. Staying in Reine Rorbuer is like being a part of an open-air museum. The cabins are spacious, comfortable, and decorated so you can relive the atmosphere of the old days.


Reine rorbuer traditional accommodation in Lofoten Islands Norway
You will find a lot of authentic rowing boats around and under the robuer
Reine rorbuer reception
The reception of Reine rorbuer situated next to the Gammelbua restaurant

“Reine rorbuer pride themselves on being certified sustainable by the Eco-Lighthouse Foundation. They belong under Classic Norway hotel chain, which owns 22 distinctive resorts throughout the country, including Nyvågar rorbuhotell and Henningsvær Bryggehotel in Lofoten.” 


Lunch & Dining Options nearby Reine Rorbuer

If you do not fancy cooking in your cabin or want to try traditional local dishes like stockfish, or whale meat, book a table at Reine Rorbuer’s restaurant Gammelbua. The restaurant dates back to the end of the 18th century when it served as a general store. Just like the rorbuer, the interior of the Gammelbua restaurant is very cozy and captures the spirit of an old fishermen’s village. 

During the summer months, you can sip a beer on the terrace outside and take in the gorgeous views, while in the winter, you can warm yourselves by the flickering light of the indoor fireplace. 

Gammelbua restaurant in Reine: Fine dining
Gammelbua Restaurant in Reine
Gammelbua restaurant in Reine
Gammelbua Restaurant in Reine

Apart from the Gammelbua mentioned above, you can get a bite in the nearby Tapperiet bistro, which serves classics like bacalao, fish soup, pizza, and burgers for a bit lower price than the fine dining in Gammelbua.

Bringen café is a popular (and only) café located in Reine. The café offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere and delicious homemade cakes and pastries.

Tapperiet Bistro in Reine Lofoten
Tapperiet Bistro in Reine
Bringen cafe in Reine Lofoten
Bringen Café in Reine


Offered by Reine Rorbuer

When Reine rorbuer holds open, they also offer summer and winter activities. 

  • The most popular tours are kayaking trips. Kayaking in Reinefjorden is a popular tour that suits beginners. In contrast, a kayaking trip to beautiful Bunes Beach depends on favorable weather and wind conditions and fits better for experienced paddlers. 

  • Photography enthusiasts, or those who do not travel by car, can join 4,6, or 8 hours long photography/hiking tours where the itinerary is tailored based on your wishes and the local weather conditions. 

  • During the winter, Reine rorbuer offers four hours long guided tours to chase the magical northern lights. The local guide will check the area’s aurora and weather forecast and decide the best spot for northern lights watching. He will also help you set up your camera or take gorgeous pictures under the aurora. 


For the complete overview of offered activities, please check Reine Rorbuer’s webpage. 

Reine rorbuer Kayaking in Reinefjorden autumn Lofoten
Kayaking outside of Reine rorbuer


What to do around Reine Rorbuer

Hiking Reinebringen

Hiking Reinebringen is a bucket list activity for almost every visitor to Lofoten. The trail is challenging but rewarding, requiring some physical fitness and endurance. The trek to the top and back takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on your pace, and culminates in a stunning panoramic view of the Reine village and the majestic fjord below.

We recommend starting the hike early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the crowds and enjoy the serene beauty of the mountains. However, the trail is very steep and prone to avalanches. Therefore, trying to scale the mountain in winter is not a good idea. 


Reinebringen Lofoten how to get there by public bus
The view of Reine and surrounding villages from the top of Reinebringen

Reinefjorden Cruise/ trip to Bunes Beach or Horseid Beach

To make the most of your stay in the Reinefjorden area, you should join the 1.5-hour Reinefjorden Sightseeing Cruise. The boat leaves Reine several times daily and sails into Reinefjorden and Kjerkfjorden. 

For those who want to combine the roundtrip with a short hike, you can jump out at Vinstad and hike to the beautiful Bunes Beach or even to the Helvetestinden peak above the beach. In that case, you can return with us on one of the later departures.

Fjord cruise in Reinefjorden Lofoten autumn
Kirkefjord village in Reinefjorden
Fjord cruise in Reinefjorden Lofoten autumn2
The mountains in Reinefjorden are jaw dropping!


Why would we recommend Staying at Reine Rorbuer

We stayed in a one-bedroom cabin in Reine rorbuer for a weekend in September 2022. We had a lovely view of the bay. Even though the weather was a bit cloudy and rainy, we had an amazing time walking around the village, paddling in Reinefjorden, and enjoying dinner with our friend in the Gammelbua restaurant.

Thanks to the hotel manager, Alicia, we were also allowed to see the interior of the other rorbuer to have a better idea about Reine rorbuer´s offer. 

We believe Reine rorbuer is an excellent base for exploring the western part of Lofoten. The fishermen’s cabins are charming; the accommodation is cozy, and the location is very convenient, especially if you do not travel by car. 

Reine rorbuer view from the window Lofoten,Norway
The view from the window of our rorbu
View of Reine Lofoten autumn2
The view of Reine village


Prices for 2 persons season 2023

Reine rorbuer has accommodations of different sizes and standards, which reflects on the prices. Also, the prices are dynamic and change throughout the year.

On the illustrative prices below, you can see how the price of accommodation changes throughout the year. It confirms that if you want to save money while traveling in Lofoten, it is best to plan your visit for the shoulder season or off-season. 

1 Bedroom Comfort Rorbu Cabin

2 Bedroom Superior Rorbu Cabin With Sea View

Reine rorbuer has a 2-night minimum stay from June 1 to September 30. Also, if you book on the webpage, the first price is a non-refundable offer for members. The prices on are also set dynamically and do not correspond to the pattern on the webpage, so you might want to check both booking options and see which one is cheaper. 


Reineveien 165, 8390 Reine

+47 76 09 22 22