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Welcome to Guide to Lofoten!

We’re Ivar and Radka, the faces behind the Guide to Lofoten. In summer 2021, we moved to Lofoten to run accommodation in Fredvang, conveniently situated right at the trailhead to Ryten and Kvalvika beach. 

Over the next few months, we discovered that we love talking to our guests about their travels and showing them Lofoten more than we loved accounting and daily management of the accommodation. 

Our guests had lots of questions, and we struggled to find an online resource that would have all the answers. So we decided to create one and that is how Guide to Lofoten was born. 


We are an international couple in our thirties. Ivar grew up in Oslo, the capital of Norway, while Radka spent the first 22 years of her life in the Czech Republic before she moved to Norway. 

We met in 2015 while working as personal assistants for the same disabled client, and we connected over a mutual love of travel and the outdoors. Our dream was to travel the world before we would buy a cozy red house with a grassy roof and settle down in Lofoten, where Ivar would be guiding people in the mountains and Radka would be taking pictures of the northern lights. 

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However, our dream to travel the world was put on hold during the Covid pandemic when we got stuck in Argentina while traveling the Panamerican Highway in our converted van. We had to leave our car in Ushuaia, Argentina, and return to Norway. 

While hoping that the borders would open soon and we could get back to our car, we got a fantastic chance to run a hostel/accommodation in western Lofoten. So naturally, we did not hesitate for a moment, and we took it since running a B&B in Lofoten was always our dream. 


What we would experience over the next twelve months could fill a book. So, with a heavy heart, we left Lofoten when Radka got a job as a trip planner in a travel agency in Tromsø. Her task was to plan trips for the travelers who wanted to visit Tromsø and Lofoten. 

Radka loves to plan trips, and she has been successfully running her own company, designing custom-made itineraries and providing travel advice to Czech tourists heading to Norway for years. However, her job in Tromsø was more about selling the company’s tours than putting together perfect itineraries based on the clients’ wishes. 

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And that’s how the idea of Guide to Lofoten resurfaced. Our goal is to create a platform containing updated, relevant, and independent information about traveling to and around the Lofoten Islands. So we moved out of Tromsø, bought an old motorhome, and hit the road with a clear direction: Lofoten! Since then, we have spent several months traveling on these beautiful islands, hiking almost every peak, eating as many cinnamon buns as possible, and trying different activities, restaurants & cafés, and accommodations & campsites. 


Are you planning a trip to Lofoten?

So, if you plan your trip to the Lofoten islands, you have come to the right place! 

We put all of our knowledge and inside tips about the best places to see in Lofoten into a Google MyMaps Interactive Map, which is the best tool you can have when planning your Lofoten holiday. 

If you have travel-related questions and wonder when is the best time to visit Lofoten, what to do there, or how to get around, you can book an Online Travel Consultation with us! We are excited to design the perfect trip to Lofoten with you!