Hi, and welcome to our section with Interactive tourist maps of western Norway, Tromsø, Lofote n and Iceland!


We created our first interactive google map (western Norway) in 2020 when we returned to Norway after our interrupted trip throughout South America. Due to the covid pandemic, we were suddenly homeless and jobless, so we bought an old car and started traveling western Norway and putting the places we visited to a map, including a short description about how and why to visit the place.


 It turned out quite useful not only for us but also for our friends who often asked us: “What should I visit around Bergen?” or “Can you recommend me some easy hikes close to Geiranger?” Naturally, when we moved to Lofoten, we made another map. And another one after we moved to Tromsø!

We believe that you will find our maps useful when planning your holidays and traveling through this beautiful country!

Happy planning!

Must-see places in Lofoten for those who are visiting only for a short time and want to see the best Lofoten has to offer!

Adventurous hiker´s best friend includes more than 50 described hikes . Each hike contains a link to  the hiking trail shown in  a hiking map (app).

On top of described hikes and places to visit, this map includes the best free camping spots, campsites and places where you can empty your WC & grey water for free!

 Must-see places in Oslo, including descriptions with interesting facts. Including recommended restaurants and accommodations for different budgets

Interactive tourist map of Tromsø in winter: Best activities providers, accommodation, restaurants and spots to view the northern lights in the vicinity of the city

Winter map of Tromsø with hotels, restaurants,  tips for winter activities and places to watch the northern lights from the city! 

Detailed map for those who want to explore Iceland! The map includes photogenic places, hiking trails, waterfalls, volcanoes, recommended restaurants and cafés, and campsites (summer opened or all year opened).

Must-see places in western Norway for tourists planning their first vacation to Norway. 

Detailed map for those who like to explore hidden gems! It is ideal for those of you who live in Norway or who have plenty of time to explore!