Are you planning a trip to Lofoten and have no idea where to start?

 You’re searching the internet and social media for travel tips, reading through blog articles, and Trip Advisor recommendations. And then boom: planning overwhelm hits hard.

There is so much you want to do that you don’t know how to fit it all in. Or you’re worried you may miss something you’d love to see.

With our travel consultation service, you can pick our brain and ask us anything about your Lofoten/Norway trip!

Planning the perfect trip

Planning a trip to the Lofoten Islands can be logistically complex. So why spend hours researching everything from scratch when you can get personalized travel advice to match your travel preferences, special interests, and style?

Together, we will review the most important aspects of trip planning, including, but not limited to:


One of the most logistically challenging parts of trip planning is figuring out how to get there and around. We will advise you on flights, ferries, car rental agencies, or public transport.


Researched and trusted lodging suggestions that match your location, amenity, and budget preferences.


Enrich your in-destination experience with suggested tours and activities that we think you’ll love.


One of the questions we get the most about traveling to Lofoten is "what should I pack?" We will show you how easy it can be to pack for your trip to Lofoten.


The lack of marked trails and constantly changing weather makes many hesitant to fully take advantage of self guided hiking trips. We will recommend you the best hikes for your fitness and comfort level.


"But isn't traveling in Lofoten extremely expensive?" It depends! We can give you all our best tips for keeping the costs down while still enjoying yourself to the max!

Our story

About Ivar & Radka

We used to run a rorbu in western Lofoten, right at the trailhead leading to Ryten and Kvalvika. 

It was there that we realized that our biggest joy is not only hiking in the local mountains but also sharing our love for Lofoten with tourists and hikers and showing them the best these amazing islands have to offer. 

After that, Radka started to work as a trip planner for a big travel agency. But it wasn´t her passion. We want to provide you with personalized advice where you and your needs, dreams and wishes are in focus. 

We know Lofoten. We have lived here, worked here, and traveled here. Let us help you create your dream holiday without fuss, frustration of fear. 


Radka and Ivar contact guide to Lofoten

Did you know?

The average traveler visits 38 web pages and spends about 20 hours planning their vacation? Save yourself time and frustration and let us help you!

How does it work

Travel consulting step by step

1. Send us your questions

You send us your queries/itinerary prior to our call so we can prepare information and answers.

2. Lets have a Call

After we receive the payment, we will send you a link for the ZOOM meeting where you can ask us anything you want.

3. Receive a Summary

After our consultation, we will send you a follow-up email with the recording of our call, including the links to places and websites that we discussed

4. Follow up Email

We will answer one follow-up email. If you drastically change your travel plans or have too many questions, another consultation might be necessary.

Choose your plan


Do you have a few quick questions that you weren´t able to find an answer to?
$ 59
/ 15 minutes call
  • 30 minutes of our preparation
  • 15 minutes of consultation call
  • 1 follow up email after the consultation


Have you planned an itinerary and you are unsure if it is doable or do you have some advanced questions?
$ 99
/ 30 minutes call
  • 30-60 minutes of our preparation
  • 30 minutes consultation call
  • 1 follow up email after the consultation


Are you at the beginning of your trip planning process and you do not know what to focus on, where to stay and what to do?
$ 149
/ 60 minutes call
  • 60 minutes of our preparation
  • 60 minutes consultation call
  • 1 follow up email after the consultation

We are not your average travel agents

Personalized Service

Suppose you want a list of recommendations that don’t consider your personal preferences. In that case, you can ask the internet and receive dozens of suggestions from strangers with different tastes, budgets, and standards than you. Unfortunately, you still have to spend hours combing through these internet responses and deciding which are valuable to your situation.  

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or just setting off on your first adventure, we work with you to ensure you feel confident and secure in your travel plans before you even pack your bags. 

Recommendations you can trust

While many travel agencies promise to deliver “custom itineraries,” this typically means putting together a package of tours scheduled for each day of your trip. Some agencies provide practical advice, but in most cases, what you do between activities and how you get around is left for you to figure out.

We do things differently. We know that an optimized itinerary and practical travel advice go hand in hand and are essential factors determining how much you will enjoy your vacation. 

We work for you

We are fee-based advisors, which means that we are not bound by the commission model that 95% of agencies operate under. This means that when we recommend activities or accommodation, you can be confident that we have made these suggestions for YOUR benefit, not ours. We mainly recommend activities and accommodations that we have personally tried. 


Most frequent questions and answers

No.  We will together discover what will be the best choices and experiences for you but we do not do any bookings.

You can send those questions via email and we’ll get back to you. If you drastically change your travel plans or have a lot of questions, another consultation may be needed.

We will wait 15 minutes for you and will then sign off. You can reschedule your meeting but it will be 15 minutes shorter.  If you are having difficulty signing on or let us know in advance you are unable to make your scheduled time, we will work with you.