13 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Lofoten In Winter

Are you planning a winter trip to Lofoten and seeking insights into what to expect during this chilly season? Explore our article, “13 Essential Winter Tips for Norway,” to gain a deep understanding of the unique weather, daylight, and challenges in northern Norway. We’ll help you prepare for your journey and make the most of this enchanting winter wonderland without any surprises or setbacks. Embrace the magic of Lofoten’s winter, from its serene fairy tale moments to its more rugged, yet equally captivating, experiences.

How To Get From Tromsø to Lofoten (2024)

How to get from Tromso to Lofoten by plane,ferry, bus or car

Many travelers fly to Tromsø and rent a car there before they continue on a road trip south to the Lofoten Islands or head further northeast towards Nordkapp. There are, however, many ways how to travel between Tromsø and the Lofoten Islands.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get from Tromsø to Lofoten by car, bus, plane, or boat.