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Open All Year Round

Hov Gård Camping is a lovely quiet campsite situated on the island of Gimsøya, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of main road E10. The campsite´s location by the white sandy beach with an open horizon towards the north makes it an excellent place for watching the midnight sun in the summer or the northern lights in the autumn and winter. 

The nearby Hov Gård is a famous horse farm with over 50 Icelandic horses. So why not spice up your Lofoten stay with a horseback riding tour on old Viking trails and the local sandy beach?

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The Hovsvika Beach
Wood fired sauna at Hov Gård Camping_Gimsøy Lofoten Islands
Woodfired sauna is available for an extra fee
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Overview of Hov Gård Camping


What can you expect from Hov Gård Camping

Hov Gård Camping is open all year round. The campsite has a limited capacity, so during the summer season (especially in July) it is wise to book a spot beforehand. The campsite is divided into two parts. The area right next to the beach offers an extraordinary view, but no electrical outlets, so if you want to plug your campervan to the power, then you need to stay close to the Låven restaurant. Campers can pitch a tent close to the beach. 

The sanitary facilities are located in the containers close to the restaurant. Unfortunately, there is no kitchen or sheltered area for campers who do not have a possibility to prepare food in their cars/motorhomes. There is a few outdoor tables available on the beach.

Låven restaurant at Hov Gård at Lofoten
The Låven restaurant at Hov Gård
Låven restaurant at Hov Gård at Lofoten
The Låven restaurant at Hov Gård

The onsite Låven restaurant is a restored hay barn from the 1950s that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant has one of the most authentic and cozy interiors in Lofoten. We especially love the solid wooden tables and the lamps made of original milk pails. Occasionally, they also host concerts there. 

Last but not least, let´s talk about the woodfired sauna situated on the Hovsvika beach. Thanks to the glass wall facing the ocean, this sauna has one of the most stunning views in Lofoten. Imagine watching the midnight sun from a sauna while the cute Icelandic horses wander past. After the sauna session, it is possible (and highly recommended) to run straight to the beach and take a dip in the ocean. 


Why would we recommend Staying at Hov Gård Camping

We love Gimsøy and the area around Hov Gård. Especially in the summer season, the Gimsøy Island is more tranquil and sees less people then the Lofoten tourist hubs around Svolvær, Henningsvær and Reine. 

If you are keen on an easy hike with beautiful panoramic views, you can park at Hov Gård (parking fee applies for those who do not stay at the campsite) and head to the top of Mt Hoven, the iconic mountain situated right above the Hov Gård. The hike is not steep, by Lofoten standards, and therefore suitable for kids and dogs. Just be careful at the top; there are some steep cliffs. 

Hiking Hoven at Gimsøya Lofoten
The view from Mt Hoven
camping in lofoten_hov gard camping-16
The view towards Mt hoven and Hovsvika Beach

We stopped at Hov Gård a couple of times while traveling in Lofoten in our campervan in the summer of 2022. We tried horseback riding in Iceland a couple of years ago, and we were excited about riding again with the stunning Lofoten scenery as a backdrop. 

We did the popular Lofoten by Horse tour, suited to beginners with no previous riding experience. Unfortunately, on the day of our tour, we didn’t wake up to sunny weather. Instead, it was cold, windy, and rainy. Despite the weather, we had a lovely time riding the horses. Watching how they react to wind gusts and instinctively turn against the wind was fun, just like trying to stop them from eating the grass all the time. 

After the tour, we ordered a delicious hot chocolate with cream at Låven restaurant and sat in comfortable chairs for a few hours, just enjoying the view and the atmosphere of the renovated barn. If you travel with kids (and speak Norwegian), we recommend playing a round of the Lofoten version of Monopoly that is available at the restaurant! 

hov gard lofoten horsebac kriding_09
Radka is excited about the riding tour
The Låven restaurant at Hov Gård in Lofoten
Delicious hot chocolate, cinnamon bun and a lovely view from Låven restaurant

Unfortunately, we haven’t tried the sauna at Hov Gård yet. Due to the covid regulations in the two previous summers, they changed the reservation policy of the sauna, and it is no longer possible to drop in. Even though the covid regulations are over, the sauna must be pre-booked. It costs 200 NOK per person/2 hours, and the minimum payment is 800 NOK.

(When we were managing the Lydersen rorbuer, we also provided a sauna for our guests, so we understand it is a lot of work and wood consumption to fire the sauna for just two paying customers, so we understand why there is a minimum fee). 


What to do around Hov Gård Camping

Midnight Sun / Northern Lights Watching

The Gimsøya Island is stunning, both in summer and winter. It has several north-facing sandy beaches, which makes it an ideal location for watching and photographing the midnight sun or the northern lights. 

Horseback Riding

Since the Hov Gård Camping is basically located at a horse farm, it would be a shame not to include a ride along the beach on your bucket list. The horses are cute and friendly, and Hov gård offers various tours suitable for all experience levels. Beware that there is a 90 kg weight limit.



When the wind is favorable, you might see kitesurfers around. If you do not have your kitesurfing equipment, you can join Kite Surfing Courses from Pukka Travels.


With a height of only 368 meters and a gentle rate of ascent along the main route, Hoven is one of the easiest mountain hikes on the Lofoten Islands. The trail starts right at the Hov Gård Camping. Check our Lofoten Map for more hiking suggestions all over the Lofoten Islands. 


The spectacular 18-hole Lofoten Links golf course opened in the summer of 2015 and it is located just 800 meters from the Hov Gård Campsite. With the possibility of playing golf under the midnight sun, it is no wonder that Lofoten Links has ranked among the 100 best golf courses in the world. 

The view of Lofoten Links Golf Course and Mt Hoven
Lofoten Links Golf Course and Mt Hoven
Lofoten Links Golf Course in Lofoten from the drone
Lofoten Links Golf Course from the drone


Prices for 2 persons season 2022

Campervans & motorhomes

Extra persons




Take a peek inside the Hov Gård Camping


Thore Hjortsvei 471, 8314 Gimsøysand

+47 975 59 501



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