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Lofoten National Park Introduces Poop Bags for Human Waste

The Future of Wilderness Etiquette: Lofoten Introduces Poop Bags

The surge in visitor numbers has brought about a set of challenges that need to be addressed to preserve the fragile environment of Lofoten. Issues such as limited parking options, wild camping in sensitive areas, and proper waste management, including human waste, have become pressing concerns.

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best apps for travelling in norway_weather forecast

25 Best Apps For Traveling in Norway (2024)

Are you planning a trip to Norway and wondering which apps to have on your smartphone to enhance your travel experience? In this article, we will explore Norway-specific apps tailored to the country’s unique attractions, weather, and services and highlight a few universal apps that prove handy no matter where you travel.

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Kistefos Museum: Norway’s Sculpture Park with a Twist

The Kistefos Museum is a contemporary art museum and sculpture park located in Jevnaker, about an hour´s drive from Oslo.
The Twist Gallery truly sets Kistefos apart. The Twist is a stunning piece of architecture that bridges the gap between two riverbanks and houses a range of contemporary art installations.

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Norway in a Nutshell DIY (Travel Tips 2024)

If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to explore Norway’s stunning natural beauty, Norway in a Nutshell tour is a great option. This self-guided tour allows you to see some of Norway’s most iconic sights by train, boat, and bus.

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where can you see reindeer in Tromsø?

The Best Reindeer Farm in Tromso, Norway

Tromsø is a city in northern Norway that is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, including reindeer sledding. There are several reindeer farms in the Tromsø area where visitors can learn about the traditional Sami culture and experience reindeer sledding first-hand.

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