10 Best Day Hikes in Lofoten (2024)

Are you planning a trip to the Lofoten Islands and in search of some amazing hiking trails? Then you’ve come to the right place. Over the past three years, we’ve explored the most incredible hikes in Lofoten and the surrounding areas, so let us present you our list of the 10 best hikes in Lofoten.

Unlike the passive experience of admiring the landscape through a car window while road-tripping through Lofoten, the landscape utterly transforms and comes to life when explored on foot.

Without a doubt, hiking is one of the best summer activities in the Lofoten Islands. You can visit secluded beaches, walk along stunning exposed ridges, or reach breathtaking viewpoints. The opportunities for exploration are endless!


Hiking Ryten and Kvalvika

You can visit secluded beaches | Kvalvika Beach | Best hikes in Lofoten


You can walk on the spectacular mountain ridges | Festvågtinden | Best hikes in Lofoten


You can reach breathtaking viewpoints | Håheia | Best hikes in Lofoten

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How should we define the best hikes in Lofoten?

Defining the ‘best’ hikes in Lofoten depends on various factors, such as individual preferences, hiking experience, and what one seeks to gain from the hike.

For some, the ‘best’ hikes may be those that offer breathtaking views and photographic opportunities, such as Reinebringen or the view from Ryten over Kvalvika Beach. For others, the best hikes might be those less traveled, offering solitude and a deeper connection with nature.

The level of difficulty is another factor. Some hikers seek challenging ascents like Hermannsdalstinden, while others prefer more accessible trails like the coastal walk between Haukland Beach and Uttakleiv Beach.

In short, the ‘best’ hikes in Lofoten are subjective.

Here, we have selected 10 epic hikes in Lofoten, each offering something special, whether you’re searching for classic views or hidden gems.


#1 Reinebringen Hike

(the Moskenesøya Island)


Often topping lists as the best hike in Lofoten, Reinebringen is renowned for its iconic view over Reinefjorden. Despite its modest height of 448 meters, it’s a steep and challenging climb that includes tackling 1978 stone stairs.

Although demanding, it’s feasible for most people with enough breaks and a slow pace. Along the route, there are stone benches for resting. Once you reach the summit ridge, you can walk along it to different viewpoints, offering breathtaking views of Reinefjord, Kjerkfjord, and the fishing villages of Reine, Sakrisøy, and Hamnøy.


Reinebringen Lofoten how to get there by public bus

Reinebringen | Best Day Hikes in the Lofoten Islands


The best time for this hike is between mid-May and the end of September.

The top of Reinebringen is also a fantastic spot for watching the Midnight Sun, which occurs in the areas above the Arctic Circle during the summer months. In Lofoten, the midnight sun period lasts approximately from May 27 to July 17.

July and August are the peak months, and Reinebringen can get quite crowded, so we suggest you to start hiking early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the rush.


Best Day Hikes in Lofoten: Reinebringen

Reinebringen | Best Day Hikes in the Lofoten Islands


Can you hike Reinebringen in winter?

❗No. The trail is closed in winter due to safety concerns like avalanches and icy steps❗

👉 Why we strongly advice against hiking Reinebringen in winter



#2 Ryten

(the Moskenesøya Island)


Ryten is one of the most popular hikes in Lofoten, known for its spectacular view of Kvalvika Beach from above. It’s a moderately challenging hike that rewards you with breathtaking views of the mountains of the Flakstadøya and Moskenesøya Islands.


Hiking to Ryten in the Lofoten Islands

Ryten| Best Day Hikes in the Lofoten Islands


Hiking to Ryten in the Lofoten Islands in the summer

Ryten| Best Day Hikes in the Lofoten Islands


There are two main routes to hike to Ryten – the direct route and the one via Kvalvika Beach.

The direct trail starts at the paid parking lot in Innersand and goes directly to the top of Ryten. Parking at the Ryten and Kvalvika trailheads has become challenging, especially during peak season. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use the paid parking place in Innersand, which offers around 100 spaces and avoids the risk of fines. 

The hike is relatively easy by Lofoten standards but can be challenging due to weather conditions, which change quickly. The summit offers a spectacular view of Kvalvika Beach and the surrounding landscape.


The view of the parking place in Innersand

👉 Read the detailed trail description of the Ryten and Kvalvika Beach Hike. 


Can you hike Ryten in winter?

Ryten is one of the best hikes in Lofoten that you can safely do in winter.

However, it’s essential to have the right equipment, such as snowshoes or crampons, and to be experienced in winter hiking and navigating mountain terrain. We wrote a whole article dedicated to winter hiking to Ryten, so make sure you read it before attempting the hike in winter.

👉 Please feel free to contact us if you wish to rent equipment or arrange for a guide.


Hiking Ryten from Innersand in winter


Guide to Lofoten: A mini Trolltunga cliff on top of Ryten mountain

Ryten in winter


#3 Kvalvika Beach

(the Moskenesøya Island)


The hike to Kvalvika Beach leads to a stunning, secluded beach hidden away between majestic cliffs, making it a contender for being one of the top 10 hikes in the region.

The Kvalvika Beach hike is moderately challenging. It’s not the easiest of hikes due to the steep rocky descent to the beach, but it’s one of the most accessible hikes in Lofoten, achievable for those with a reasonable fitness level.


Kvalvika Beach during the midnight sun


MAP OF LOFOTEN_Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika beach on a sunny autumn day


👉 Read the detailed trail description of the Ryten and Kvalvika Beach Hike. 


Parking for the hike is available at a designated area near the trailhead in Torsfjorden. However, the parking lot has space for about ten cars and fills up quickly. Cars have been parking illegally along the narrow road for years until Flakstad municipality hired a parking guard last summer.

Nowadays, if you park outside the designated parking area, you will receive a fine of 900 NOK.

Therefore, it’s better to park at the official parking area for Ryten and Kvalvika in Innersand and hike to Kvalvika Beach from there. This route allows you to take a slight detour to Ryten, effectively killing two birds with one stone.


The tiny parking place in Torsfjorden


Parking ticket for illegal parking in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

900NOK fine that you get if you park illegaly


Can you hike Kvalvika in winter?

You can hike to Kvalvika Beach in the winter. Many people go there from Torsfjord, so you can usually see the path in the snow. But it can be very slippery, so using ice cleats or crampons on your shoes is a good idea.

If you start your hike from Innersand, be extra careful. The steep path down to the beach can be slippery and dangerous when it’s icy.

👉 Please feel free to contact us if you wish to rent equipment or arrange for a guide.

Are you Planning to Hike Ryten and/or Kvalvika

#4 Munkebu and Munken Hike

(the Moskenesøya Island)


The day hike to Munkebu Hut and Munken in the Lofoten Islands is a beautiful moderate hike less steep than other Lofoten hikes. 

The journey can be divided into two parts: from Sørvågen to Munkebu Hut and then from Munkebu Hut to Munken.

The first part of the trail to Munkebu Hut is well-marked, and traverses varied terrain, slowly gaining elevation before descending slightly to the hut. The path takes you past the small lakes above Sørvågen and offers beautiful views. A small section of the hiking trail involves using chains to ascend steep, sometimes slippery rock sections. 

From Munkebu Hut, the trail to Munken climbs steadily, and the terrain becomes rockier as you ascend. The views open up as you near the summit, showcasing the stunning landscape of Lofotodden National Park.


Best hikes in Lofoten: Munkebu

The first part of the trail to Munkebu Hut


Best day hikes in Lofoten: Munkebu Hut

Munkebu Huts


Can you hike to Munkebu Hut in winter?

Hiking to Munkebu Hut during winter is possible, but it’s challenging.

It is essential to have proper winter hiking gear, including snowshoes and/or crampons, depending on the conditions. You should also have experience in winter hiking and knowledge of winter navigation.

Please note that the Munkebu Hut is not open during the winter months, so do not expect to be able to warm up inside.

👉 Please feel free to contact us if you wish to rent equipment or arrange for a guide.


Hiking to Munkebu in winter, Lofoten Islands Norway

Munkebu hut in Lofoten is closed over the winter



#5 Volandstinden Hike

(the Flakstadøya Island)


Volandstinden is a lesser-known gem, offering hikers a chance to escape the crowds. Despite its daunting appearance from below, Volandstinden is surprisingly accessible and is considered one of the easier hikes in the area.

Most of the trail to Volandstinden is characterized by a gentle incline, with some rocky sections as you get closer to the summit. These rocky sections can be more challenging in wet conditions or during winter.


The summit of Volandstinden as seen from Fredvang

Volandstinden as seen from Fredvang


Volandstinden: One of the easiest hikes in Lofoten

Despite its daunting look, Volandstinden is one of the easiest summits in Lofoten


Can you hike to Volandstinden in winter?

Hiking Volandstinden in the winter is feasible. Depending on the conditions, you may require snowshoes and/or crampons.

The ascent to the final peak, which offers an amazing view of Fredvang bridges, can be icy; consider skipping this part if conditions are challenging.

👉 Please feel free to contact us if you wish to rent equipment or arrange for a guide.



#6 Offersøykammen Hike

(the Flakstadøya Island)


Known for its panoramic views, Offersøykammen is a relatively easy hike suitable for most fitness levels. 

The hike is relatively short, around 2 kilometers one way, and the trail is well-trodden and clear. The summit offers incredible views of the surrounding islands, mountains, and beaches.

Offersøykammen is a popular mountain top for photographers who want to capture the beautiful northern lights in winter, or midnight sun in summer.


Offersoykammen hike in the Lofoten Islands

Offersoykammen is one of the easiest and best hikes in Lofoten.


Can you hike Offersøykammen in winter?

Offersøykammen is one of the more accessible summits in Lofoten that can be hiked during winter. Depending on the terrain, you may need snowshoes and/or crampons, just like for any winter hike in Lofoten.

Although the terrain is generally easy to navigate, the summit features a very exposed cliff. Be cautious and avoid going too close to the edges, as there could be overhanging snow with no underlying rock.

👉 Please feel free to contact us if you wish to rent equipment or arrange for a guide.

Do you wonder what to do in Lofoten besides hiking?

#7 Mannen Hike

(Vestvågøy Island)


Mannen is a relatively short but steep hike near Leknes, famous for its dramatic views over Haukland and Uttakleiv beaches. It’s a popular choice for those looking for a quick hike with great views. The hike is quite steep, with a fairly exposed ridge adding an element of thrill.

Additionally, the top of Mannen is one of the best places in Lofoten for watching the midnight sun.


Map of Lofoten_Mannen


Can you hike Mannen in winter?

Hiking Mannen in winter is possible, but reaching the top will depend on specific conditions and your comfort level with exposed and potentially icy terrain.

It’s wise to assess your skill level and experience with winter hiking.

In any case, bring ice cleats/crampons.

👉 Please feel free to contact us if you wish to rent equipment or arrange for a guide.


Mannen: One of the best hikes in Lofoten

Mannen | Best Hikes in Lofoten


#8 Festvågtinden Hike

(Austvågøy Island)


Festvågtinden, near the picturesque fishing village of Henningsvær, is a great hiking choice known for its stunning panoramic views. It’s a demanding hike but accessible for those with a reasonable fitness level. The trail involves some steep sections but is generally well-trodden and manageable.


Festvågtinden | Best hikes in Lofoten

The view from Festvågtinden over Henningsvær


Can you hike Festvågtinden in winter?

Regarding difficulty and steepness, Festvågtinden can be compared to Reinebringen before the Sherpa stairs were built.

Due to the trail’s steepness, we would not recommend attempting it in the winter.

Do you want to avoid common mistakes when driving in Lofoten?

#9 Djevelporten & Fløya Hike

(Austvågøy Island)


The hike to Djevelporten and Fløya is a favorite among both locals and visitors due to its proximity to Svolvær. The well-marked trail leads to the famous Djevelporten, a large boulder wedged between two cliffs, and continues to the summit of Fløya.

Along the way, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the Svolvær area, including the iconic Svolværgeita peak. Djevelporten, which translates as Devil’s Gate, is particularly photogenic, featuring a large rock wedged above a gap, creating a natural ‘gate.’

If you are fit enough and don’t shy away from exposed terrain and a bit of scrambling, then you should continue to the top of Fløya, which offers a beautiful ridge walk.



Can you hike Djevelporten in winter?

Saying whether the hike to Djevelporten is doable in winter is a double-edged sword, considering its popularity among inexperienced hikers due to its proximity to Svolvær.

Once muddy and worn out, the trail has been made more accessible by the construction of Sherpa stairs, similar to the case of Reinebringen.

However, these stairs can create a false sense of safety, particularly in winter when they become icy or worse when a layer of snow conceals ice.

Knowing the typical crowd that Djevelporten attracts, I would advise against planning to hike it in winter. If you do decide to go, be sure to bring crampons or ice cleats.


#10 Håen Hike

(Værøy Island)


The hike to Håen on Værøy Island belongs undoubtedly among the best hikes in the Lofoten archipelago. It’s an extremely easy hike, following an old asphalt road built to access the radar station at the mountain’s summit.

The scenic hike offers a wonderful view of the Sørlandet village, nestled among the hills and cliffs of Værøy. However, these views are overshadowed by the even more breathtaking panorama from the viewpoint at the end of the hike. 

While tunnels and bridges connect the main Lofoten Islands, reaching Værøy requires a ferry trip from Moskenes.

You must plan your journey carefully to avoid being stranded on the island, particularly if traveling outside the main summer season. Keep in mind that accommodation options on Værøy are limited.



Can you hike Håen in winter?

Yes, you can hike to Håen in winter. The hike is relatively easy, but the mountain plateau is very exposed to the wind. Please exercise extreme caution at the viewpoint, as it is particularly exposed.



Best Hikes in Lofoten: Interactive Map

If you’re planning to explore the rugged beauty of the Lofoten mountains, we highly recommend equipping yourself with our interactive hiking map.

The interactive map features 50 trails across Lofoten, each color-coded according to difficulty level.

You’ll find comprehensive details for each trail, including distance, elevation gain, estimated duration, and parking information.

We’ve also included concise descriptions highlighting any tricky or exposed sections, along with links to the route on a hiking map. This feature is incredibly helpful for planning your adventure, especially when you have limited time and want to select a hike that fits your schedule.

Best of all, our map is seamlessly integrated with the Google Maps app, making it easy to use without the need for additional downloads – except for mapy.cz, which is an invaluable hiking app that we highly recommend.


best hikes in lofoten_ interactive hiking map of the lofoten islands_0



10 Things to know before hiking in lofoten

✅ Steep Terrain: The mountains in Lofoten are steep. Despite not being very high, the hikes typically start at sea level and ascend sharply.

✅ Lofoten Hiking Standards: What’s considered an ‘easy’ hike in Lofoten might be challenging elsewhere. If you are new to the area, start with an easier hike to gauge your comfort level.

✅ Trail Markings: While popular hikes have well-worn paths, less frequented trails are usually not clearly marked. Carry a map or use a hiking app for guidance. We recommend mapy.cz.

✅ Wet and Boggy Trails: Expect wet conditions. Wear proper hiking shoes and stick to established trails to prevent erosion.

✅ Locating Trailheads: Finding the start of a trail can be difficult. Refer to maps and GPX files available in our Lofoten hiking map guide.

✅ Limited Parking: Due to Lofoten’s geography, parking is scarce. In peak season, hike early or late to secure parking. Always park legally.

✅ No Facilities on Trails: There are no facilities on the hikes. Attend to restroom needs beforehand and carry out all trash, including toilet paper and wet wipes.

✅ Rapid Weather Changes: Weather in Lofoten can shift quickly. Check the weather forecast before heading out, and bring appropriate gear and clothing.

✅ Mountain Rescue Services: In case of emergencies, don’t hesitate to call for help. Norway offers mountain rescue services without the high fees seen in other countries like the Alps. However, use this service responsibly.

✅ Caution on Exposed Areas: Be extra cautious on exposed mountain peaks and ridges. Though not very high, these areas have seen fatal accidents.

✅ Hiking in Groups: Avoid hiking alone. If you must, inform someone about your destination and expected return time.

✅ Wild Camping: Be aware that some areas in Lofoten have local bans on wild camping. Before setting up a tent, ensure that you are not in an area where it is forbidden.



Best Hikes in Lofoten: Final Thoughts

There’s no question that Lofoten is a paradise for hikers. In fact, it’s the hiking opportunities here that inspired us to move and settle in this area. We first lived in Fredvang, just a stone’s throw from the trailhead to Kvalvika Beach and Ryten, and later moved to Sørvågen. Sørvågen is an ideal starting point for accessing Lofotodden National Park, offering fantastic hikes like Munkebu and Tindstinden right on our doorstep.

The hikes we recommend in this article are well-known Lofoten classics. Eventhough, you might find yourself alone on Volandstinden, even in the height of the summer season.

While there are plenty of hidden gems and amazing mountain tops beyond these top ten hikes, we’re cautious about promoting them widely online. 

The paths aren’t yet equipped to handle high levels of traffic. The wear and tear caused by large numbers of people on mountains like Reinebringen or Djevelporten led to the construction of Sherpa stairs to prevent further erosion.  For this reason, please stick to the already established trails, even if they are a bit muddy.

If you’re curious about some less-traveled peaks and hidden treasures, feel free to purchase our hiking map of Lofoten.

Take care, and happy hiking!

Ivar & Radka ❤️


guide to lofoten_about us_ivar and radka_52

Hi there, this is us on the hike to Djevelporten! :)



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