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Best Aurora Tracking Apps For Northern Lights in Norway


Are you considering a winter trip to Norway and wondering how to increase your chances of seeing the Northern Lights? This guide will answer all your questions, not only about the best aurora alert apps in Norway but also about how to use these apps effectively and interpret the data they present, including values like the Kp index, Bz, or solar wind speed.

 15 Best Hotels in Tromso for Every Budget

Where to stay in Tromso: Best luxury hotels: Scandic Ishavshotel

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the 15 best hotels in Tromso for every budget. Tromsø, a gem in northern Norway, offers a wide range of accommodations, and finding the perfect hotel that suits all your needs, will make or break your stay in Tromso.

The Best Reindeer Farm in Tromso, Norway

where can you see reindeer in Tromsø?

Tromsø is a city in northern Norway that is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, including reindeer sledding. There are several reindeer farms in the Tromsø area where visitors can learn about the traditional Sami culture and experience reindeer sledding first-hand.

How to Choose the Best Northern Lights Tour in Tromso?

Northern lights in Tromsø

How to Choose the Best Northern Lights TourS in TromsO? Discover the best northern lights tours in Tromso with this practical and in-depth guide. The northern lights have fascinated people for centuries, but only lately have tourist appraisals and marketing campaigns transformed the northern lights into travelers’ bucket list experience. Tromsø, with a population of […]