15 Best Hotels in Tromso for Every Budget

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the 15 best hotels in Tromso for every budget. Tromsø offers a wide range of accommodations, and finding the perfect hotel that suits all your needs, will make or break your stay in Tromso.

Understanding the importance of personal experience, we recently went on an 8-day trip to Tromso, staying in 8 different hotels to provide you with firsthand insights.

However, our connection to Tromsø extends beyond these stays; we lived in the city in 2022, and Radka’s experience working for a local travel agency has given us an in-depth understanding of the accommodation and tour providers in Tromso.

In this article, we’ll share our unique perspectives and recommendations to help you find the best hotels in Tromso, whether you’re on a budget or looking for luxury.

However, let’s just spill the beans right from the start: Norway and budget travel don’t really go hand in hand. This is particularly true if you plan to travel there during the high season, which in Tromsø lasts from December to March, peaking around Christmas. So be aware that the budget which might afford you a luxury suite somewhere in Southeast Asia will likely only stretch to a hostel room in Tromsø during the winter months.

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The primary tourist season in Tromsø spans from December to March and downtown hotels can become fully booked during this high season. Therefore, if you plan to visit Tromsø in winter, we advise you to book your hotel stay as early as possible!

There is a noticeable drop in tourist numbers in April and May as the northern lights season concludes and the summer season has yet to begin. If you’re considering visiting Tromsø in the spring, you’ll find that accommodations are available, often at reduced rates. However, Tromsø is not particularly charming in late April and early May unless you are really into ski touring.

Early June typically sees conferences in Tromsø, leading to fully booked hotels. Surprisingly, there is usually more availability in late June, July, and August, except during the Midnight Sun Marathon weekend.

NB! This event draws large crowds to the city. Therefore, it is crucial NEVER to arrive during the Midnight Sun Marathon weekend without a hotel reservation.


The Arctic Cathedral in Tromso




Despite being the largest city in northern Norway, Tromsø is relatively small. Most of the city, including the downtown area, university, and airport, is situated on the small island of Tromsøya (“Tromsø Island”). The city center, located in the southeastern part of the island, is home to major tourist attractions like Polaria and the Polar Museum and most hotels, shops, restaurants, and nightlife venues.

Tromsø boasts numerous mid-range and luxury hotels, primarily located downtown, especially in the harbor area and around the main shopping street, Storgata. 

You do not need to worry about choosing one or the other; these two locations are just about a five-minute walk from each other.




We believe the best place to stay in Tromso is around Tromso harbor. The area is pretty quiet, almost car-free, and you will get a fantastic view of the spectacular Tromsø bridge, which connects the island of Tromsø to the mainland, as well as the Arctic Cathedral, Fjellheisen cable car, and the majestic mountains like Fløya and Tromsdalstinden.

In addition, you will get plenty of restaurants and cafés within a 10-minute walking distance from your hotel, and if you are lucky, you might be able to spot the northern lights right out of your hotel window.

Many Tromso tours have pickup points close to hotels in the downtown area.

For example, Tromso Arctic Reindeer offers a meeting point near the Radisson Blu and Scandic Ishavhotel. At the same time, Brim Explorer launches their whale-watching tours in front of the Clarion Hotel The Edge. Most Northern Lights tour companies have offices near Tromso harbor, so when you return late at night from your Northern Lights chasing tours, you won’t need to rely on a taxi to return to your accommodation.




You have three main options to reach Tromsø city center from the airport: public transport, the Flybussen airport shuttle, and taxis. 

🚌 Public buses, including routes 42, 24, and 40, operate from early morning until late evening, with tickets available via an app or directly from the bus driver. 

🚌 The Flybussen airport shuttle offers a quick 15-minute journey to downtown hotels, with tickets purchasable online or on the bus. 

🚕 Taxis are available from the airport, with fares of around 200 NOK for a one-way trip to the city center and a private transfer option for groups at 600 NOK.

👉 Read more about how to get from the airport to the city in the article Winter in Tromso: All you need to know.




It’s crucial to understand that finding free parking in Tromso downtown is virtually impossible.

Additionally, none of the hotels located in the downtown area offer free parking facilities, which might influence your accommodation choice or travel budget.

Tromsø provides two indoor car parks in the center for those needing to park their cars: Fjellet and Seminaret.




The original thought behind Airbnb was to offer a way for people to rent out spare rooms or spaces in their homes to travelers, offering a more personal and often cheaper alternative to hotels. Over time, it evolved into a platform for professional short-term rentals, where professional companies often list entire properties for temporary stays.


Tromso’s Students Rental Market Struggles

The rental market in Tromsø, especially concerning students at the UiT (The Arctic University of Norway), is facing significant challenges due to a boom in tourism and a corresponding housing shortage.

Since Tromso has become a highly sought-after destination for tourists, many property owners have shifted their focus to short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb to cater to the influx of tourists. This shift has reduced the availability of long-term rental properties, leaving people struggling to find affordable housing.

The student population at UiT, being a significant part of the city’s demographic, is particularly affected. The university does provide some student housing, but the availability is often insufficient to meet the demand. This inadequacy forces students to compete for limited housing in the private rental market, where prices are inflated due to the high tourist demand.

Moreover, the high profitability of short-term rentals in tourist-heavy periods means landlords prefer renting out their properties for short stays rather than committing to long-term leases with students. 

This preference further diminishes the already limited long-term rental options, leaving many students in precarious living situations, such as couchsurfing, living in temporary and often unsuitable accommodations, or facing long commutes from more affordable areas outside the city.


Here are some newspaper articles that illustrate the issue with Short Term Rentals in Tromso Area: 

“Sunniva (21) dreams of a home in her hometown, but the houses are either rented out or stand empty.”

Sunniva Langgård wishes to settle in her hometown of Furuflaten in Lyngen municipality, but the homes there are rarely for sale. Some are rented out to holiday guests, while others are used as vacation homes and stand empty most of the time.

Read the article about Sunniva here. 

“Students can’t find housing. Blame Airbnb.”

Tobias Hjulstad from Mo i Rana lives out of a suitcase and sleeps on a friend’s couch. In the university city of Tromsø, many landlords prefer renting to tourists rather than students.”

Read the article about Tobias here. 



We rented our apartment on Airbnb in Trondheim while traveling out of the city, so we don’t want to lump all Airbnb hosts together. The original idea of Airbnb was great. However, we disapprove of investors buying entire apartment complexes for short-term rentals.

We understand that a few paragraphs about the impact of this won’t persuade you to stop using Airbnb, as it often offers advantages like self-catering options, parking spaces, or generally larger areas than a standard hotel room.

But if you are still deciding whether to rent a hotel room or an Airbnb, keep the previous paragraph in mind and make a responsible choice.

Are you wondering which tours in Tromso are still available?


Below is our selection of the best-located and highest-rated hotels in Tromsø’s harbor area. For better comparison, we included the price per night in mid-March. However, please note that most hotels have dynamic pricing, so the prices listed below are for informational purposes only.



🏨 Clarion Hotel the Edge 

🏨 Quality Hotel Saga

🏨 Thon Hotel Polar

🏨 Thon Hotel Tromsø

🏨 Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø

🏨 Clarion Collection Hotel With

🏨 Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora

🏨 Scandic Ishavshotel


Dynamic pricing means room prices can change based on demand, time of year, local events, or even how many rooms are booked. For example, prices may be higher during peak tourist seasons or special events due to increased demand. Conversely, prices might be lower during off-peak times to attract more guests. This approach allows hotels to adjust their pricing strategy in real-time to maximize revenue and occupancy rates.


Clarion Hotel the Edge

What we liked: One of the best hotels in Tromso, best breakfast

🏨 Small double room 3890 NOK = 341.88 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast included
➡️ Booking rating 8.4, Location 9.5
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 300 NOK per stay)
✅ Family rooms available
🅿️ No parking provided by the hotel



Clarion The Edge was our first choice when booking accommodation in Tromso. This interestingly shaped 4-star hotel, built in 2014, is the newest addition to Tromso’s hotel scene.

It’s conveniently located right next to the Prostneset terminal, so if you plan a whale-watching trip with Brim Explorer or a trip to Nordkapp or Lofoten with Hurtigruten, you won’t have to walk more than a few steps from the hotel.

Clarion The Edge did not disappoint us. The room was standard in size and layout, but we appreciated the modern design and lovely view over Tromso Harbor, the Arctic Cathedral, and the mighty Tromsdalstinden.

The breakfast included in our stay exceeded our expectations. There was a large selection of dishes, including a classic English breakfast, smoothies, and even specialties like Tran (Norwegian fish oil) and a selection of Norwegian cheeses.

Clarion The Edge also houses a sky bar on the 11th floor, but it was closed during our stay, so we didn’t get to check it out.

Overall, we highly recommend Clarion The Edge.



Quality Hotel Saga

What we liked: One of the best hotels in Tromso, spacious rooms

🏨 Superior double room 4240 NOK = 372.63 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast included
➡️ Booking rating 8.2, Location 9.5
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 300 NOK per stay)
✅ Family rooms available
🅿️ Private parking is available on site (reservation is needed) and costs  NOK 255 per  day.



Quality Hotel Saga was a strong competitor to Clarion The Edge. With its eye-catching golden facade, this hotel is just a short walk from Clarion The Edge, conveniently near the harbor and tour providers like Pukka Travels or Northern Shots. This proximity was handy for our (very successful) tour with Northern Shots, which ended after 1 am and was only a 2-minute walk from the hotel.

The rooms at Quality Hotel Saga were notably spacious, exceeding the standard size. The design was modern yet unostentatious, and the room remained quiet, even with an adjoining door to another room. Ivar was particularly thrilled to find a bathtub in the bathroom.

The breakfast buffet, included with our stay, was delicious. In Tromso, we couldn’t find a single place to complain about breakfast. The traditional English breakfast was great, though some grilled vegetables would have been a nice addition. The tasty smoothies and waffles were a bonus for us.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Quality Hotel Saga and would happily return, though it was pricier than Clarion The Edge and other hotels we stayed at.



Thon Hotel Polar

What we liked: colourful design, delicious breakfast

🏨 Budget double room 3473 NOK = 305.26 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast included
➡️ Booking rating 8.3, Location 9.5
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 400 NOK per stay)
✅ Family rooms available
🅿️ No parking provided by the hotel, paid Tromsø Parking approximately 50 meters from the hotel.



The Thon Hotel Tromsø and Thon Hotel Polar are similar 3-star hotels located across the street from each other. They aren’t situated in the harbor area but are close to the Storgata shopping street.

Both feature a modern, colorful design, and Thon hotels are generally known for their delicious breakfasts.

They had a shuffleboard in the reception area for guests to use, which we appreciated. We’re the type of people who prefer a playroom with shuffleboard, billiards, or board games over a hotel gym. It wouldn’t be too bad if more hotels catered to this kind of family entertainment.



Thon Hotel Tromsø

What we liked: colourful design, delicious breakfast

🏨 Budget double room 3473 NOK = 305.26 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast included
➡️ Booking rating 8.1
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 400 NOK per stay)
❌ No family rooms
🅿️ No parking provided by the hotel



At Thon Hotel Tromsø, unlike other hotels, we spent a significant amount of time in our room because we felt like we are brewing a flu after a week of intensive activities and not much sleep.

Although the room was narrower and smaller than others, its colorful design and amenities, like Chromecast and a flat-screen TV near the bed, made for a comfortable afternoon and evening filled with Netflix binge-watching.

Unfortunately, our sleep was disturbed by a neighbor slamming their door and noise from the street, as we had to keep the windows open due to the warm room.

The breakfast was excellent, featuring a wide selection of cheeses, juice shots, smoothies, great scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage, and vegetables, good coffee (though no cappuccino), pancakes, and delicious chia pudding. They even offered Tran (fish liver oil) in normal and lemon flavors!

Overall, both Thon hotels were really nice, and we would return anytime. Honestly, it would be difficult for me to choose which one was better. I think we had a bit more comfortable stay in Thon Hotel Polar due to the room size.



Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø

What we liked: Location, view, breakfast

🏨 Budget double room 3595 NOK = 315.98 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast NOT included
➡️ Booking rating 8.3, Location 9.5
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 300 NOK per stay)
✅ Family rooms available
🅿️ Radisson Blu Hotel does not offer parking



Radisson Blu, located next to Scandic Ishavshotel, serves as a meeting point for many tours, such as the reindeer farm visits with Tromso Arctic Reindeer, where guests are picked up right in front of the hotel.

We were upgraded to a junior suite on the 9th floor at Radisson. The room was spacious, boasting large panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows with a harbor view. Besides a king-sized bed, it included a seating group and a small office table. However, the leather chairs and grey colors seemed dull compared to the modern, vibrant designs of Clarion The Edge or the Thon hotels.

We were pleased to find a gym and sauna on the 10th floor, but the gender-separated saunas meant we couldn’t enjoy them together. The gym was well-equipped with dumbbells, machines, and a running belt.

However, our experience with the gym turned sour at 6 am when the noise from the equipment, particularly the running belt, disturbed our sleep. That could be particularly inconvenient if you return late from a Northern Lights tour and hope to sleep in.

Notably, Radisson Blu was the only hotel where breakfast was not included in the price, though it was delicious.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Radisson Blu but wished for either adjusted gym hours or a different room location, not directly under the gym. However, given the room price, which is comparable to other city hotels like Thon Hotels or Clarion The Edge, next time we would opt for one of these hotels that feel more modern and include breakfast in the price.



Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora

What we liked: Great Value because of the evening meal, rooftop jacuzzi

🏨 Economy double room 3733 NOK = 328.11 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast and evening meal included
➡️ Booking rating 7.9, Location 9.3
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 300 NOK per stay)
❌ No family rooms
🅿️ The hotel has 16 outdoor parking spaces. Parking costs 200 NOK/24h and cannot be reserved. The closest car park is approx. 500 metres from the hotel.



We booked Clarion Hotel Aurora mainly because it’s the only hotel in town with a rooftop outdoor hot tub, and we you know how much we adore outdoor jacuzzis. (We have an inflatable jacuzzi at home that we use in the evenings to watch the northern lights).

Clarion Hotel Aurora and Clarion Hotel With are situated side by side on the Tromsø harbor front. If you’re fortunate with room selection, you might enjoy a splendid view of the harbor, Tromsø Bridge, the Arctic Cathedral, and the mountain views. Sadly, our view was of the neighboring building’s wall.

The hotel room had a standard layout, but the hotel’s design was outdated. Unfortunately, we did not sleep well due to the overly soft bed; every movement from Ivar woke me up. The softness or firmness of a mattress is a matter of personal preference, but this was an issue for us.

Another concern was the inability to open the window, as it was designated for emergency escape only, complete with a fine warning for attempting to open it. Despite adjusting the room temperature, the room remained uncomfortably warm for sleeping.

The highlight of our stay was the top-floor relaxation area with an outdoor hot tub, a small fitness room, and a shared sauna.

The jacuzzi, accommodating up to six people, is rented in 30-minute slots at 60 NOK per person. You reserve a spot in the hot tub via a QR code at reception. We booked all six slots for privacy.

The view from the hot tub is fantastic, offering the potential of experiencing the Northern Lights. A letdown was the absence of towels, bathrobes, and slippers in the jacuzzi area and no clean cups for the water machine.

Both Clarion Hotel Aurora and Clarion Hotel With offer light dinners included in the stay, served as a small buffet with dishes like couscous salad, baked potatoes, and pork. The dinner, available from 18 to 20, was satisfying. An afternoon “fika” between 15 and 17 also offers tea, coffee, and cakes/cookies.

The breakfast wasn’t as lavish as at Clarion The Edge, Quality Hotel Saga, or the Thon hotels, but it was adequate and tasty. However, Ivar found the coffee flavor disappointing.

As much as I wanted to love Clarion Hotel Aurora for its dinner, sauna, and jacuzzi, the inability to open a window and regulate the room temperature was a significant drawback. We later learned at the reception that this is an issue in half of the building. Unless you’re particularly keen on saunas and jacuzzis, I would recommend the slightly cheaper Thon hotels over Clarion Hotel Aurora.



Clarion Collection Hotel With

🏨 Moderate double room 3834 NOK = 336.94 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast and evening meal included
➡️ Booking rating 8.2, Location 9.6
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 300 NOK per stay)
❌ No family rooms
🅿️ No parking offered by the hotel



During our 8-day trip to Tromso, we did not stay at Clarion Hotel With.

However, it’s located right next to its sister hotel, Aurora, and also offers a light dinner buffet included in the stay, which is cost-saving.

Unlike Aurora, it doesn’t have a jacuzzi, but there is a sauna and steam room free for hotel guests.

The rooms are standard hotel rooms, although the furniture might feel a bit outdated (I’m not a fan of black leather sofas and chairs).



Scandic Ishavshotel

🏨 King room 3625 NOK = 318.57 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast and evening meal included
➡️ Booking rating 8.3, Location 9.5
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 200 NOK per stay)
✅ Family rooms available
🅿️ The hotel has a few parking spots we rent out to our guests. They cost 250 NOK per night, and is paid at check-in. To reserve a spot, you have to contact the hotel directly.



Even though we wanted to stay at Scandic Ishavshotel during our time in Tromsø, unfortunately, they weren’t available to fit our schedule.

Scandic Ishavshotel is ideally situated in the harbor, right on the pier, so the rooms likely offer splendid views of the mountains on the mainland.

The open space between Scandic Ishavshotel and Radisson Blu Hotel is a common pickup spot for many sightseeing tours in Tromsø, making it a convenient place to stay for activities like dog sledding, northern lights tours, fjord cruises, or reindeer tours.

Scandic hotels are generally known for their delicious breakfasts, so we hope to stay there on our next trip to Tromsø.

Are you planning to chase the northern lights in Tromso?


All the following hotels, except for the Moxy Hotel, are located in the same area along Storgata and Grønnegata streets. However, they are still within a very short walking distance of the harbor area. The main difference between the hotels in the harbor area and these hotels is the view.

Some people also categorize the Thon hotels as mid-range because they are located in the same area. However, we think that, given their price, design, and offerings, they align more with the luxurious hotels in Tromsø than with the mid-range hotels mentioned below.


🏨 Smarthotel Tromsø

🏨 Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø

🏨 Enter Hotels Tromsø

🏨 Moxy Tromso



Smarthotel Tromsø

🏨 Double room 2861 NOK = 251.48 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast NOT included
➡️ Booking rating 7.7
🐕 Pets/dogs are not allowed
❌ No family rooms
🅿️ No parking offered by Smarthotel Tromsø. The closest option is the parking house Fjellet P-hus.



SmartHotel is often a go-to choice for budget-conscious travelers. The hotel is new and features a modern design. However, the rooms are tiny, so be prepared to climb over your partner to get out of bed.



Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø

🏨 Moderate double room 2839 NOK = 249.54 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast NOT included
➡️ Booking rating 8.0, Location 9.3
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 300 NOK per stay)
❌ No family rooms
🅿️ No parking offered by Comfort Hotel. The closest option is the parking house Fjellet P-hus.



Like SmartHotel, Comfort Hotel Tromsø is relatively new and features a modern, simple design. The rooms are small and can become quite warm. The hotel does not offer breakfast, and there are no kettles or coffee makers.



Enter Hotels Tromsø

Enter Tromsø is a small North Norwegian hotel chain that offers seven hotels and centrally located apartments, each with its own character and personality. They cater to a wide range of budgets and preferences, from budget and family rooms to well-appointed apartments with up to three bedrooms.

🏨 Moderate double room 2839 NOK = 249.54 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast NOT included
➡️ Booking rating 8.1
🐕 Pets/dogs are not allowed
❌ No family rooms
🅿️ Private parking is available for 250 NOK per day at the hotel (reservation needed).



Backpack Hotel is the ideal place to stay if you wish to meet fellow travelers. Located in downtown Tromsø, Backpack Hotel is situated on a quiet, peaceful street with minimal traffic.

The hotel offers a variety of accommodations, including single, double, and triple rooms with either private or shared bathrooms, as well as studio and two-bedroom apartments. You can also use the fully equipped kitchen and lounge.



Moxy Tromso

🏨 Moderate double room 2516 NOK = 221.15 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast NOT included
➡️ Booking rating 8.4
🐕 Pets/dogs allowed (extra fee of 250 NOK per stay)
❌ No family rooms
🅿️ Public parking is available on site (reservation is not possible) and costs  NOK 250 per  day.



Moxy Hotel Tromsø is located in Langenes near Tromsø Airport. The hotel opened in June this year (2023), with 208 rooms spread over 11 floors.

Although Moxy is the newest hotel in Tromsø and boasts a modern and playful design inside, the building was awarded the dubious distinction of being the “ugliest building in Norway” this year.

‘A far too tall building depriving neighbors of light and view, with streaks of dirt hanging from the floor separations, dark and gloomy. It is one of several horror-nominated projects in fashionably colored concrete, a material that in most cases just becomes sadder and sadder with each rainfall.’ writes Architectural Rebellion in their reasoning.”

There is no traditional reception; instead, you check in at the bar and receive a complimentary cocktail or mocktail. Additionally, you can enjoy a drink in the sky bar, which offers a beautiful view of the mountains on Kvaløya Island and the planes landing or taking off at the nearby airport.

The rooms at Moxy are small but intelligently designed to include storage space, making them feel less cramped.

Please note the minimum age to check in at Moxy Hotel is 18 years.

Are you planning to chase the northern lights in Tromso?


For a long time, the only place you could stay in a dormitory was at Tromsø Activities Hostel. Recently, two new hostels, Tromsø CoCo and Aurora Friends, have opened up. These hostels are the cheapest options for travelers, especially if you’re traveling alone.

But it’s important to know that even these budget-friendly hostels in Tromsø can cost as much as a hotel room in other parts of Norway.


🏨 Tromsø CoCo

🏨 Aurora Friends

🏨 Tromsø Activities Hostel



Tromsø CoCo

🏨 Bunk Bed in a Mix Dormitory Room 900 NOK = 79.11 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast NOT included
➡️ Booking rating 8.8, location 9.7
🐕 Pets/dogs are not allowed
🅿️ No parking offered by Tromso CoCo.



Tromsø CoCo provides budget-friendly accommodation options, including dormitories, private single or double rooms, and apartments. This place is ideal for those seeking a hostel-style experience in Tromsø. Tromsø Coco offers fully equipped communal kitchen and laundry services. There is no reception, and you get instructions for self-check-in.

Most of Tromsø CoCo’s guests are young or young adult travelers. However, they warmly welcome all types of travelers to their hostel.

Overall, Tromsø CoCo is your best option for comfortable, communal, and cost-effective stay in Tromsø.



Aurora Friends

🏨 Bunk Bed in a Mix Dormitory Room 1495 NOK = 131.41 Euro (March 15, 2023)
🥞 Breakfast NOT included
➡️ Booking rating 8.3
🐕 Pets/dogs are not allowed
🅿️ Free parking available (reservation is needed)



Aurora Friends Apartment offers dormitory-style accommodation on the edge of downtown Tromsø, a 15-minute walk from the city center and only two to three minutes from the nearest bus stop.

It is further away than all the other accommodations we mentioned before (except for the Moxy Hotel), so you should be prepared for some walking. However, it is the only place on our list that offers free parking, which is a significant advantage if you rent a car or travel with your own vehicle.

Overall, the place is clean and has a good vibe. Nonetheless, I would prefer Tromsø CoCo over Aurora Friends due to its lower price and more convenient location.



Tromsø Activities Hostel

What we liked: Location, price

🏨 Bunk Bed in a Mix Dormitory Room
🥞 Breakfast NOT included
➡️ Booking rating 7.8, location 9.5
❗Usually, 2-night minimum stay
🐕 Pets/dogs are allowed (additional fee, contact the reception)
🅿️ Public parking is available at a location nearby (reservation is not needed)



Out of the budget accommodations listed here, we have stayed at Tromsø Activities Hostel twice so that we can share our personal experiences.

The hostel is centrally located in downtown Tromsø. It features five dorm rooms, most with four beds and one with five. There is also a female-only dorm with four beds. Additionally, the hostel offers three twin rooms.

The hostel has a shared kitchen and a common relaxation area. However, these spaces were always quite full during our stays, so we never cooked there. We bought a pizza and heated it in the oven on our first stay. During our second stay, the kitchen door handle came off in Ivar’s hand, which made us laugh and decide to eat out instead.

We realize that as we get older, our tolerance for the hostel environment differs from what it used to be in our 20s.

While Tromsø Activities Hostel is conveniently located, in terms of comfort and cleanliness, we would choose CoCo Tromsø first.



Best Hotels in Tromso: Conclusion

If we had to choose the best hotels across three budget categories in Tromsø, our picks would be:

🏆 For the luxury category, Clarion Hotel the Edge is our top choice. We were impressed by its prime location in the harbor and the modern design of the rooms and lounge area.

Our stay on the 11th floor was marked by undisturbed sleep, free from any noise from the street, harbor, neighbors, or a hotel gym, which was a noticeable difference from other places we stayed.

Additionally, we think that Clarion the Edge offered the best breakfast, even though the breakfasts at all the other hotels we stayed at were delicious.

🏆 We haven’t stayed in any of the mid-range hotels, but based on photos, reviews, and recommendations from our friends, we would choose Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø.

I’d also be tempted to stay at the Moxy Hotel because of its fun interior design. However, its location outside the city center makes me hesitate. The next time we’re in the city, though, we’ll definitely stop by for a drink at its sky bar, at least!

🏆 In the budget-friendly hostel category, we would pick Tromsø CoCo based on the location and price. Although we haven’t stayed there ourselves, it stands out due to its convenient location and positive reviews.


Share your experience with the best hotels in Tromso!

Thousands of people will have a thousand and one different opinions, so we would be happy to hear about your experience with the hotels in Tromsø. Where did you stay, and how did you like it? Feel free to share your insights with us in the comments! Similarly, we would be delighted to answer your questions if you are in the planning stage of your trip to Tromsø.



Tips for visiting Tromsø in Winter

Tromsø is a vibrant center for winter tourism in Norway, drawing travelers from around the world. Its appeal mainly stems from the ideal setting for viewing the Northern Lights, which can be seen from early September to late March or early April.

Aside from watching the Northern Lights, winter in Tromsø and its surroundings offers a range of other activities. These include dog sledding, visits to reindeer farms, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sailing, ice fishing, and ski touring.



To fully experience it, consider spending at least four days. That’ll ensure you cover all the must-see sights and thrilling activities.



Check the Norwegian weather forecast yr.no for historical data on your specific dates and up-to-date weather forecast. For daylight hours on specific dates, check timeanddate.com. Polar night in Tromsø begins on November 27th and lasts until January 15th.



We have written a detailed post on what to pack for Lofoten in winter. It also applies to Tromsø or any other northern Norway/Scandinavia area. Make sure you read it before your trip!



The easiest way is to fly. There are direct flights from Oslo with Norwegian or SAS. You can also fly directly from various other European cities like Helsinki (Finnair), Stockholm (SAS and Norwegian), Düsseldorf (Eurowings), and Gdaňsk (Wizzair). From 1st December until 31st March every year, you can also travel to Tromsø from Finnish Rovaniemi by the Arctic Route bus.



The cheapest way to get from the Tromsø airport to the city center is to take a public bus (buses 24,, 40, and 42). It takes approximately 15 minutes. You can also take the airport express bus or taxi.



Our most recommended Northern Lights guides in Tromsø:

1️⃣ Wandering Owl (medium groups)
2️⃣ Arctic Photo Guide (smallest group in Tromsø with professional photographer/guide Nico)
3️⃣ Greenlander (small groups, great photographers)
4️⃣ Northern Shots (large groups, low price, great photographers) 📸


Tours usually run from September 15 to March 31.

👉Check this article for more recommendations on choosing the best Northern Lights tour that suits your needs and budget.



Try Arctic Adventure Tours or Tromsø Wilderness Center!
Dog sledding season typically lasts from November 1 to April 1, depending on the snow conditions.



Join Brim Explorer or Green Gold of Norway.
The whale season in Tromsø lasts from November to January. Outside these months, you can go for a whale safari in Andenes in Vesterålen.



Check out Tromsø Arctic Reindeer, offering tours from November 1, 2023, to April 7, 2024.



Try Camp TamokCamp Troll Snowmobile, or Chasing Lights.
(These three companies offer snowmobiling in the surroundings of Tromsø.
You can try it either in the beautiful Lyngen Alps (Camp Troll) or in Tamok Valley (Camp Tamok), where you can combine it with a visit to the Ice domes.)



Guided tour from Tromsø
Overnight Stay
(in the 2023/2024 season, the Tamok ice hotel will be open from December 20 to April 9.)



Try Arctic Photo Guide



Take a trip with a gondola (Fjellheisen) up to Mt Fløya for an epic view of Tromsø city.

Go for a guided walk in Tromsø.

Relax at Pust Sauna and take a dip in the Arctic waters.

Learn more about polar explorations in the Polar Museum

Visit the Polaria aquarium

If you’d instead want to explore all the Tromsø activities in one place, you can conveniently book your adventure right here on our page.



Do you want to have all these tips available when traveling to Tromsø? Check our interactive map or have a look at our library or Tromsø resources. 

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Ivar and Radka Guide to Lofoten

Hi! We are Ivar & Radka, an international couple who runs the Guide to Lofoten.

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