How to Fly to Lofoten: Which Airports Are the Best? (2024) | Guide to Lofoten

Flying to Lofoten: Which airport iS the best?

The Lofoten Islands are served by two small airports within the archipelago, offering domestic flights and convenient access to this northern paradise. However, many travelers typically arrive via two larger airports nearby that offer more extensive flight options. In this article we will delve into the details about the airports in Lofoten, highlighting their advantages and challenges, to help you choose the best gateway for your Lofoten adventure.

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Lofoten Airports Map

Lofoten has two small airports, one in Leknes and another in Svolvær. These airports offer domestic flights and are the primary entry points for travelers within the archipelago.

Additionally, two larger airports nearby serve as major hubs for the region. Harstad/Narvik Airport (Evenes) and Bodø Airport provide more extensive flight connections, making them accessible options for those visiting Lofoten.


2024 NEWS:

During the summer holiday, from June 26 to August 18, Widerøe will fly daily from Oslo to Leknes and Oslo to Svolvær.

Widerøe will also fly from Bergen to Leknes on Saturdays and Sundays in the same period.

Harstad/Narvik Airport

(3-5 hours by car from Lofoten)

Harstad/Narvik Airport, also known as Evenes Airport (EVE), is a major gateway to Lofoten and the surrounding region. It is located on the mainland, making it a convenient choice for international travelers. 


The airport is situated approximately 165 kilometers (about 3 hours drive) from Svolvær, the capital of Lofoten, and around 284 kilometers (about 5 hours drive) from Reine, a picturesque village in western Lofoten known for its stunning landscapes.

Distance between Evenes Airport and Svolvaer
Distance between Evenes Airport and Svolvaer
Distance between Evenes Airport and Reine
Distance between Evenes Airport and Reine

Direct (non-stop) flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Evenes in summer 2024

Eurowings Discover will offer a direct flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Harstad/Narvik-Evenes Airport in Northern Norway starting in 2024.

They will use Airbus A320 planes for this route and provide two flights each week, which is great for people planning to visit Lofoten and nearby areas.


This new flight option is available from May 16th to September 12th, making it an excellent choice for travelers wanting to explore Lofoten in the summer. The scheduling of this route aligns with early morning arrivals in Frankfurt on Thursdays and Sundays.

You can already buy tickets for this flight on Lufthansa’s official website.

Direct (non-stop) flights from Zurich, Switzerland to Evenes in summer 2024


Swiss Airline Edelweiss will offer direct flights from Zurich, Switzerland, to Harstad/Narvik-Evenes Airport in Northern Norway starting in the summer of 2024.

Edelweiss will fly to Evenes every Monday from 10 June to 26 August 2024 with departures from Zurich at 11:45 and arrival to Evenes at 15:20.

The flights can be booked at

How to get from Harstad/Narvik (Evenes) Airport to Lofoten

A regular airport shuttle used to go between Evenes Airport and Svolvaer in Lofoten. However, after three years of operation, the route was canceled in August 2023.


Currently, a Lofotekspressen bus (nb 300) runs between Narvik and Å, stopping at Harstad/Narvik Airport, Svolvær, and Leknes along the way. (Check the schedule here)


During the summer, there will be an additional option to hop on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus operated by Best Arctic.

Hop on Hop off bus operated by Best Arctic between Narvik, Svolvaer and Å in Lofoten over the summer
hop-on hop-off bus service from Best Arctic operates in Lofoten between June and August

Renting a car at Harstad/Narvik (Evenes) Airport

Evenes Airport in Harstad/Narvik, despite being one of the larger airports in the region, remains a relatively small airport. Travelers have several car rental options available, including well-known agencies like Avis, Budget, Europcar, Sixt, and Hertz. 


To find the best deals and compare rental prices, you can use services like


Additionally, if you prefer not to rent a car directly at the airport, you can take a bus to Svolvær and explore local car rental options there with agencies such as Lofoten Rentalcar or Lofoten Vanlife.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flying To Evenes Airport

Harstad/Narvik Airport in Evenes is a convenient starting point for your Lofoten adventure. While it’s not situated within Lofoten, it’s close enough to reach Svolvær in less than three hours.

Unlike Bodø Airport, you aren’t reliant on a ferry to access Lofoten, making it a more reliable choice, especially during the winter when stormy weather can lead to ferry cancellations (though it’s essential to monitor the weather forecast carefully).

The newly established direct connection with Frankfurt will enhance Evenes Airport’s popularity. 

The only drawback I can identify when selecting Harstad/Narvik Airport is its relatively remote location.

In contrast, Bodø Airport is just a 5-minute drive from the city center, offering travelers the opportunity to spend their first or last night enjoying excellent dining at a restaurant or exploring the area’s museums, caves, beautiful beaches or the famous maelstrom at Saltstraumen.


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Bodø Airport

(3,5 hours by ferry from Lofoten)

Bodø Airport is conveniently located near the city center of Bodø, with a distance of only about 3 km to the city center and approximately 4 km to the railway station and ferry terminal. Travel to the airport can be easily accomplished by taking a local bus, a taxi, or even by walking.

Bodø Airport offers daily flights to major Norwegian cities like Oslo (SAS Airlines, Norwegian Airlines), Tromsø (SAS, Widerøe Airlines), Trondheim (SAS, Widerøe), Bergen (Widerøe), as well as connections to local airports in Lofoten (Leknes and Svolvær with Widerøe).

 Additionally, you have the option of taking a helicopter charter from Bodø to Værøy Island.


How to get from Bodø Airport to Lofoten

The most common and scenic way to reach Lofoten from Bodø is by taking a ferry. 

Bodø - Moskenes Car Ferry

There is a car ferry that takes you from Bodø to Moskenes in about 3,5 hours. 

This direct ferry charges a fee for people traveling with a vehicle or motorbike but is free for passengers on foot or with a bicycle. 


It’s important to pay close attention to the ferry schedule, as there is another ferry departing from the same terminal and heading to Moskenes. However, this ferry takes a detour over the islands of Røst and Værøy, significantly extending the journey to 7 hours.


The ferry operates multiple times a day, with varying schedules on different days, both in summer and winter. The schedule can be quite confusing, so we’ve created a separate article and video dedicated to this ferry crossing.


Free Car ferry Bodø Lofoten via Røst and Værøy Islands
Click on the picture to learn more about the Bodø-Moskenes ferry crossing.

Bodø - Svolvær Passenger Only Express Boat

The express ferry 23-755 is a daily passenger-only service between Bodo and Svolvaer, commonly referred to as the ‘speedboat.’ 

It’s a popular means of travel between mainland Norway and the Lofoten Islands, with typically only one daily service. The boat departs from Bodø at 6 pm, arriving in Svolvaer at approximately 9:15 pm. 

The express ferry operates year-round, although in winter, it makes fewer stops along the way than during the summer. (Check the summer and winter schedules here).

Tickets for the express boat should be purchased in advance. If you have a Travel Pass Nordland, you can travel for free. However, it’s also essential to reserve a seat in advance through the Reis Nordland App.

Summer schedule of the passenger only speed boat operating between Bodo and Svolvaer.

Renting a car at Bodø Airport vs renting a car in Moskenes

Travelers have multiple car rental options, including well-known agencies like Avis, Budget, Europcar, Sixt, and Hertz. To find the best deals and compare rental prices, you can use services like


However, if you rent a car at Bodø Airport, you will need to take a car ferry to Moskenes or take a longer route around the mainland, requiring additional ferry rides. The ferry to Moskenes is free for passengers traveling without a car, while motorists must pay around 1000NOK one way for a vehicle up to 6 meters in length.


To save money, you can rent a car at the ferry terminal in Moskenes. Rent a Car Moskenes is a somewhat old-fashioned car rental agency, so you’ll need to contact them via Facebook, phone, or SMS. However, they offer competitive prices, and your money supports a local entrepreneur instead of a large international company.

Advantages and Disadvantages of flying to Bodø Airport

Flying to Bodø Airport offers several advantages, including daily connections to Oslo and other major cities in Norway. It provides an opportunity to explore the stunning surroundings of Bodø, such as Saltstraumen, Steigen, Kjerringøy, Salten, and more.

Travelers can also enjoy the comforts of a larger city, including a variety of restaurants and museums.

However, there are some disadvantages to consider. Travelers flying to Bodø and planning to continue to Lofoten must take a ferry, and the ferry schedule may not always align with flight arrivals or departures, potentially requiring an extra night in Bodø. 

The ferry ride can be rough for those prone to seasickness, and in case of a storm, ferry cancellations can occur.

No Plans for International Routes To and From Bodø Airport in the Nearest Future

Despite the scheduled construction of a new airport in Bodø by 2029, it doesn’t automatically imply an increase in international routes from the airport.

According to Avinor’s Route Development Manager, Martin Langaa, Bodø lacks sufficient global recognition. He says that the existing traffic volume from the Bodø region is insufficient to independently sustain strategic international routes.

Instead, Avinor has opted to concentrate on international routes from Tromsø, which presently serves numerous destinations on the continent. Additionally, Avinor is directing attention to the airport in Evenes.

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Svolvaer Airport in the eastern part of Lofoten

Svolvær Airport is a small local airport located about 6 kilometers from the town of Svolvær that provides essential connections to Bodø Airport. 

The Svolvær Airport is serviced by Widerøe Airlines, which operates small propeller planes for its regional flights. These aircraft are well-suited for the shorter routes typical within the Lofoten archipelago, making them a practical choice for local transportation.

Svolvær is centrally situated within the Lofoten and Vesterålen, making it an excellent choice for exploring these two regions.

2024 NEWS:

During the summer holiday, from June 26 to August 18, Widerøe will fly daily from Oslo to Leknes and Oslo to Svolvær.

Widerøe will also fly from Bergen to Leknes on Saturdays and Sundays in the same period.

How to get from Svolvær Airport to Svolvær

Transportation between Svolvær Airport and the city center presents two main options: renting a car directly at the airport or taking a taxi. There isn’t a bus service available for this route. 

Taxis are conveniently located at the airport during its operating hours. The approximate cost for a taxi ride is NOK 200-300, and the journey takes about 5 minutes. For taxi service, you can call LokalTaxi Vågan (+47) 07550 to make arrangements. It is also possible to book the taxi online via a webpage.

Book the taxi to/from Svolvær Airport in Advance!

We highly recommend booking a taxi in advance and allowing for some extra time before your flight departure due to previous instances of taxis arriving late, resulting in passengers missing their flights.

Here’s a personal account of taxi situations at Svolvær Airport, written by Anniken Nylund Aasjord for our local newspaper Lofotposten, translated into English:

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen tourists with stars in their eyes after the spectacular landing at Helle in the sparkling winter weather, only to see their expressions change to utter confusion after collecting their luggage and trying to catch the airport shuttle to the hotel.

The issue is that there is no airport shuttle, and if you’re lucky, you might get a taxi after a 20-minute wait. Locals know that we need to book our rides well in advance, but even that comes with some risk.

I can use myself as an example. Right now, I’m on the airport bus to Evenes. I actually had a flight scheduled for 5:40 AM from Helle earlier today, but due to significant delays and limited capacity in the taxi industry, I couldn’t make the flight. My taxi arrived much later than the time I booked the day before and had to pick up another passenger in Svolvær (who was equally desperate).

Avinor is fortunate to have such excellent and flexible ground staff at Helle. The airport employees worked like heroes today, holding the flight back as long as they could, but there wasn’t enough time to check in all the luggage and complete all the necessary administrative tasks.”

Renting a car in Svolvær

At Svolvær Airport, you have several car rental options, including well-known agencies such as Avis, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt. 


To find the best deals and compare rental prices, you can use services like 


However, we highly recommend considering the local car rental agency, Lofoten Rental Car. With exceptional reviews and a dedicated owner, Kenneth, who goes above and beyond to cater to your needs, it’s an excellent choice for a smooth and personalized rental experience during your stay in Lofoten.

Advantages and Disadvantages of flying to Svolvaer Airport

Svolvær Airport offers travelers several advantages. It provides swift access to popular Lofoten destinations, eliminating the need for an additional ferry ride.

However, Svolvær Airport does come with some drawbacks.

It is a small airport without the convenience of an airport shuttle service. The flights are operated by small propeller planes, which may not be as preferred by some travelers.

 Additionally, flight tickets to Svolvær Airport are more expensive compared to flying to larger airports like Narvik or Bodø. (The prices will decrease from April 2024, as we will discuss later in the article).

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Leknes Airport in the middle of Lofoten Islands

Leknes Airport is conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the town of Leknes. The airport is very small, similar to Svolvær Airport, and is served by the same small propeller aircraft operated by Widerøe Airlines that fly between Leknes and Bodø.

Leknes is centrally situated within the Lofoten Islands, making it an excellent choice for exploring the archipelago.

2024 NEWS:

During the summer holiday, from June 26 to August 18, Widerøe will fly daily from Oslo to Leknes and Oslo to Svolvær.

Widerøe will also fly from Bergen to Leknes on Saturdays and Sundays in the same period.

How to get from Leknes Airport to Leknes and the rest of Lofoten

Just like in Svolvær, there is no airport shuttle bus in Leknes, but it’s only a short 2 km walk from the airport to the bus terminal.

There is also the option to order a taxi for transportation to your accommodation. Taxis are available at the airport during opening hours. The taxi ride to the city center takes about 2 minutes and costs 109 NOK. 

To place an order, call Vestvågøy Taxi at +47 07550. You can also make your booking online.

Renting a car in Leknes

Car rental companies available at Leknes Airport include Avis, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt. Here, you can compare rental prices. You can also consider using the local rental company, Rent a Car Lofoten, for your car rental needs at Leknes Airport.

Advantages and Disadvantages of flying to Leknes Airport

Leknes is positioned centrally within the Lofoten archipelago, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding islands.

flight tickets to Leknes Airport are usually more expensive than those to larger airports like Narvik or Bodø. (The prices will decrease from April 2024, as we will discuss later in the article).

The government promises to halve the flight prices to and from Lofoten

The regional flight routes are an important part of the transportation network in rural areas. Therefore, the Government has decided to strengthen the route offerings and reduce ticket prices in the upcoming Public Service Obligation (PSO) tender rounds with contract start in 2024.

How will these changes impact the fares for local flights between Leknes and Bodo, and Svolvaer and Bodo?

Starting from April 1, 2024, the flight tickets prices have been reduced by half for routes served by airplanes in Leknes and Svolvær, and from August 1, 2024, for the helicopter route between Værøy and Bodø.

These reductions are expected to make traveling more affordable for local residents and businesses. Additionally, to accommodate a potential increase in travelers, there will be increased seat availability on routes with higher expected demand.

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Tromso Airport (ideal starting point for a road trip to Lofoten)

Tromsø Airport, also known as Langnes Airport (TOS), is the largest airport in Northern Norway, but by international standards, it’s still relatively small. Several airlines operate at Tromsø Airport, including domestic carriers like SAS, Widerøe, and Norwegian, as well as some international airlines.

While Tromsø Airport offers some direct connections to European cities, these are typically seasonal, and the airport primarily focuses on serving domestic routes. You can also travel from Tromso to Longyearbyen on Svalbard archipelago.

Direct international flights to and from Tromso Airport
Direct International flight to and from the Tromso Airport. Click on the picture to learn more, but keep in mind that most of these flights are seasonal (winter season only).

Travelers interested in visiting Lofoten may consider flying to Tromsø as it’s a major transportation hub in the region, providing relatively more options for flight schedules and better connectivity.

Flying to Tromsø during the summer can be a great choice, as it opens up opportunities for an exciting road trip through stunning regions like Senja Island and the Vesterålen Archipelago while en route to Lofoten.

However, it’s essential to note that in the winter, your travel plans may need adjustments due to the seasonal ferry schedule. The ferry between Senja and Vesterålen typically operates from mid-May to early September, making it inaccessible during the colder months.

How to get from Tromso Airport to Tromso City

Tromsø Airport is conveniently situated on Tromsø Island, just a short drive from the city center. Travelers have multiple options for reaching the hotels in the downtown area, including using public buses, taking the airport shuttle bus, or opting for a taxi service.


We wrote a comprehensive article on what to expect from visiting Tromso in winter, so check it for more information. 

Getting to Tromso City Center By Public Transportation

Tromsø Airport (Langnes) is served by several public bus routes that connect the airport to the city center. The primary route is Route 42, which takes you directly to the city center. But you can also take buses nb 24 and 40. 


The public buses generally run during the day from early morning (5:50 am) until late evening (09:30 pm).


Tickets for the public buses can be purchased through a mobile app (Troms Billett), or from the bus driver (cash or card).

Getting to Tromso City Center By an Airport Shuttle

Tromsø Airport also has an airport express bus service, known as Flybussen. Flybussen transports you to/from Tromsø Airport, via Moxy Hotel, to the main city center hotels. 


You will find the red airport shuttle bus (Flybussen from Bussring) just outside the main entrance by the domestic arrival area at Tromsø Airport. It only takes 15 minutes to get from the airport to the city centre and you will be dropped off at or near your hotel in downtown Tromsø.


The departures are timed to correspond with departing and arriving flights. Tickets can be bought online or on the bus when hopping on.

Renting a car or campervan in Tromso

There are several car rental agencies available at Tromsø Airport, making it easy to pick up a rental vehicle upon your arrival. Some well-known car rental companies operating at Tromsø Airport include Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Enterprise, and Sixt. You can compare the prices for the car rental here. 

Rent a Star is a also highly recommended local car rental agency in Tromsø, known for providing exceptional service and earning stellar reviews from satisfied customers.

Local agencies often have a deep understanding of the area and can provide valuable insights and recommendations for your journey. They may also offer personalized services and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Another popular choice for exploring Tromsø and its beautiful surroundings is to rent a camper. Arctic Campers and Norway Campers are reputable companie that offer a variety of campervans to suit different preferences and travel needs.

How to get from Tromso to the Lofoten Islands

Many travelers decide to fly to Tromsø, rent a car or a campervan and take a scenic road trip to the Lofoten Islands. The route via Senja Islands and the Vesterålen archipelago is one of the most scenic journeys in northern Norway.

However, this route includes two ferry crossings. And since the ferry between Vesterålen and Senja goes only during the summer season, it is not possible to take this trip in winter.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive article on traveling between Tromsø and Lofoten in both summer and winter, so be sure to check it out for inspiration and helpful insights for planning your road trip.

Advantages and Disadvantages of flying to Tromso Airport

Tromso Airport is farther from Lofoten, but it offers direct routes from some European cities with affordable tickets and shorter flights. This presents an excellent opportunity to explore a larger region beyond Lofoten.

If you plan to travel in the summer and intend to spend time hiking, we would advice to plan at least 10 days for your adventure, as less than a week may feel rushed.

During the winter, be prepared for potentially icy and snowy roads with limited visibility. Consider splitting the trip from Tromso to Lofoten into two days, with an overnight stay on Senja Island or somewhere around Bardufoss.

Are you at the planning stage of your trip to the Lofoten Islands?

Will there be a new big airport in Lofoten in the future?

The need for a new airport in Lofoten is mainly driven by high ticket prices, small planes that can’t carry many passengers, and the desire to have better connections. A new, bigger airport would make trips faster, cheaper, and more convenient, especially for getting to Oslo.

Out of the 11 potential locations for a new major airport in Lofoten, Leknes emerged as the most suitable choice following thorough operational assessments. These assessments took into account factors such as topography, visibility/cloud cover, and wind/turbulence conditions.

In the future, it’s possible that Svolvær’s airport may be closed, making way for a new major airport in Leknes. 

Alongside this airport development, significant road upgrades are planned to substantially reduce travel times between Svolvær and the Evenes airport and between Svolvær and Leknes. 

These potential projects are exciting prospects for our region, although their realization is not confirmed yet.

Conclusion: Which Airport is the best for traveling to Lofoten?

In conclusion, choosing the right airport for your journey to Lofoten depends on your travel preferences and priorities.


Evenes Airport provides convenience and accessibility, making it an excellent option with the new direct route from Frankfurt. 

Bodø Airport offers easy access to the islands but requires a ferry crossing. 

Tromso Airport, while a bit distant, opens the door to exploring more of Northern Norway.

For a seamless start to your Lofoten adventure, Svolvær and Leknes airports offer on-the-spot access, albeit with smaller aircraft and more expensive fly tickets (at the moment). 

FAQ about Airports in Lofoten and Its Surroundinngs

Svolvær Airport (SVJ): Svolvær is one of the local airports serving the Lofoten Islands and is located on the island of Austvågøy. It is served by a local airlines Widerøe.

Leknes Airport (LKN): Leknes Airport is another small local airport located centrally in the Lofoten Islands and served by Widerøe Airlines. 

Bodø Airport (BOO): Bodø is not on the Lofoten Islands themselves but is a common gateway to the region. You can fly to Bodø from various Norwegian cities with SAS or Norwegian Arilines and then take a ferry or another flight to reach the Lofoten Islands.

Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes (EVE): Evenes is another airport on the mainland of Norway and is often used as a point of entry for travelers heading to the Lofoten Islands. It offers domestic flights from major Norwegian cities with SAS and Norwegian Airlines. 

Tromsø Airport (TOS): Tromsø is located further north and is not on the Lofoten Islands, but it can be an option for travelers looking to explore both Tromsø and the Lofoten Islands. Tromsø offers domestic and international flights.

There are no direct flights from Oslo to the main airports in the Lofoten Islands (Svolvær Airport and Leknes Airport). You have to take domestic flights from Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) to airports such as Bodø Airport (BOO) or Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes (EVE) on the mainland of Norway, and then connect to flights or ferries to reach the Lofoten Islands.

There are no direct flights from Bergen to the main airports in the Lofoten Islands (Svolvær Airport and Leknes Airport). You have to take domestic flights from Bergen to airports such as Bodø Airport (BOO) or Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes (EVE), and then connect to flights or ferries to reach the Lofoten Islands.

There are no direct flights from Tromso to the main airports in the Lofoten Islands (Svolvær Airport and Leknes Airport). You have to take domestic flights from Tromso  to Bodo Airport (BOO), and then jump on a connecting flight or a ferry to Lofoten.

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Traveling from Tromsø to Lofoten offers several options:

  1. By Car: You can rent a car in Tromsø and drive to Lofoten. There are various routes, including via the mainland, Senja, and Vesterålen​​.

  2. By Ferry: A 17-hour boat cruise along the northern Norwegian coast offers a comfortable and scenic journey, with services provided by Hurtigruten and Havila coastal voyages. These services operate between various ports, including Tromsø and Lofoten, with stops at Svolvær and Stamsund​​.

  3. By Plane: Flying with Widerøe Airlines is the fastest way to travel between Tromsø and Lofoten. Flights typically require a change in Bodø​​.

  4. By Bus: Bus services are available, although they are not much cheaper than flying or cruising. The journey takes 7-9 hours and may involve changing buses. The process of booking bus tickets in advance can be a bit complicated​​.

  5. By Train: There is currently no railway service between Tromsø and Lofoten. The Norwegian rail network extends only as far north as Fauske (Bodø)​​.

For more detailed information, please refer to our comprehensive guide. 

To travel from Bodø to Lofoten, you have the following options:

  1. Bodø – Moskenes Car Ferry: This ferry is a popular way to travel to Lofoten, offering a direct route from Bodø to Moskenes. There are up to eight departures daily in the summer, with the journey taking about 3-4 hours. An alternative, longer route includes stops at Røst and Værøy before reaching Moskenes, taking about 7 hours​​.

  2. Ferry Prices: Prices vary based on factors like the vehicle type and travel date. In 2023, prices were approximately 446 NOK for motorcycles, 979 NOK for cars up to 6 meters, and 2173 NOK for larger vehicles. Foot passengers can travel for free without needing to prebook​​.

  3. Pedestrian-Only Speed Boat: A pedestrian-only speed boat operates daily between Bodø and Svolvær. Prices in 2023 were 745 NOK for adults and 373 NOK for children, students, and seniors. If you plan to use public transport in Lofoten, consider the Travel Pass Nordland for 1290 NOK, which offers unlimited public transport for 7 days, including the Bodø-Svolvær express ferry​​.

For more detailed information, please refer to the complete Bodo-Moskenes Ferry Guide.


Ivar & Radka

Ivar & Radka

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